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Fatima interview “Learn to Read” Part 1 13/02/2009

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/6598187″>”Learn to Read” – Interview. Part 1 of 3</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user2307562″>thecalltofatima</a&gt; on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


An Article in Catholic Voice about the National Fatima Conference

National Fatima Conference to be held in Cork

The first ever National Fatima Conference to be held in Ireland is scheduled to take place in UCC Cork on 30th October 2010. The conference is being organized by the Call to Fatima group and follows a successful invitation to RTE Nationwide to cover a half hour story of the Pope’s visit to Fatima which was broadcast on 12th May 2010.

The programme generated a renewed interest in the Fatima message and the conference has been organized in response to that call. The conference has the blessing and support of the Bishop of Cork and Ross John Buckley and the theme of the conference will be: “to lead all souls to Heaven” Our Lady of Fatima 1917. Among the speakers and those attending will be Bishop John Buckley, Fr. Michael Maher SM , Dr Branca Paul- Sr Lucia’s private doctor and  Sr Angela, Vice-Postulator for the Canonization Cause for  Blessed Francisco and Jacinta. There will also be music from Louise Irvine and Cork’s own Nancy Long. Mass will be celebrated at 4.30PM and there will be Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament throughout the conference. Confession, The Rosary and Brown Scapular enrolment will also take place during the day. The conference is open to all Catholics, including students, religious groups, communities, doctors/ nurses and the organisers hope that many young people will feel encouraged to attend and discover for themselves the message of Fatima. Space will be limited and those interested in attending are advised to apply before the end of July in order to secure a place.

Registration is free. Please open an application form attached, fill it in and email it to info@eurofinancegroup.ie or  post it to The National Fatima Conference, 32 Manor Street, Dublin 7, Ireland by 31st August 2010.

Application form for the National Fatima Conference

Visionary’s doctor returns with a message for Ireland

Visionary’s doctor returns with a message for Ireland

Dr. Branca Paul will give a talk on the importance on the message of Fatima as shared to her by Sister Lucia, the last visionary of Fatima, at the two day Divine

“ I am delighted to return to Ireland again and my last message for the Irish people through this film and book is that it can be a source of happiness and a way to encounter God through Mary. I knew Sister Lucia for 15 years and I can confirm that her main desire was to spread out the message of Fatima so that many souls can be saved by doing the will of God” states Dr. Branca.

The doctor last visited Dublin on the 4th anniversary of Sr Lucia’s death on the 13th February 2009, to participate in the Fatima workshop-conference sponsored by the film producers of the double award winning film titled “The Call to Fatima”. Dr. Branca was one of the key persons to create the second part of the film along with film director Thomas McCormack and narrator Fr. Michael Maher.

The Divine Mercy Conference is one of the largest and longest running annual Catholic gatherings in Ireland, to promote the mercy of God. Both Dr. Branca who was one of the few lay people to have direct access to the last visionary of Fatima and Father Maher are invited to share their insight on Fatima at the conference.

Sr Lucia and Pope John Paul II cause for beatification was surprisingly opened in 2008 just three years after their deaths.  It is possible that the visionary’s two Blessed cousins may be canonized shortly, making them the two youngest saints in the history of the church. Pope Benedict XVI will make a visit to Fatima on the 13th May 2010.

Pope John Paul II confirmed the relevance of Fatima for our time when he stated: “If the church accepted the message of Fatima, it is above all because it contains a truth and a summons which are in essence the truth and the summons of the Gospel itself”.

Dr Branca loves to inform her audience the great joy she had with Sister Lucia. Both shared the same birthday with all her Carmel friends at St Teresa’s Carmel in Coimbra, Portugal.

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