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Spiritual exercises for lent: Day 40

Spiritual Exercises for lent: Day 40

It is a time to invest in new religious material i.e.  the Bible, Catholic Magazine or Newspaper, Catechism book, Biography of Saints, Rosary beads or statue. "The Call to Fatima" special edition gift set

Spiritual Exercises for lent: Day 38

Spiritual Exercises for lent: Day 38

Print out or write down The Ten Commandments and post it on the wall or fridge as a reminder of the way God wants you to love Him.

Spiritual Exercises for lent: Day 37

Spiritual Exercises for lent: Day 37

Make an offering to God, be it a sacrifice or certain situation or event, something you can create or do, or even an inspiration. Remember that every word and deed counts for eternity.

Spiritual Exercises for lent: Day 31 & 32

Spiritual Exercises for lent: Day 31

Organise a retreat or pilgrimage for this year. It may be a visit to a pilgrimage place, spoken or silent retreat. Retreat helps to refresh  your spirit and pilgrimage helps to gain extra graces.


Spiritual Exercises for lent: Day 32

Record good things what happen to you day after day. Soon you will realise how fortunate and blessed you are!

Spiritual Exercises for Lent:Day 27 & 28

Spiritual Exercises for Lent: Day 27
Pray for the Souls in Purgatory who have nobody to pray for them
Spiritual Exercises for Lent: Day 28
Pray for your deceased relatives and friends





Spiritual Exercises for Lent: Day 22

Spiritual Exercises for Lent: Day 22

Deepen your faith, study the Catechism!

“Penny Catechism” or “Youcat” or online version http://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG0015/_INDEX.HTM


Spiritual exercises for Lent:Day 5

Spiritual exercises for Lent:Day 5 (Sunday)

Put on your finest clothes when going to Mass.Every Mass is a special encounter with Jesus.Would you not look your very best for the Lord on Sunday?

Spiritual exercises for Lent:Day 4

Spiritual exercises for Lent:Day 4

Take any seed, for example, lemon or sunflower seed, and plant it in the container. Thus you will:
1) remember that God is the only Gardener of your soul
2) associate the seed with your faith ” For, amen I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, Remove from hence hither, and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you.”Matthew 17:19

plant pic

Spiritual exercises for Lent: Day 3

heart of jesusDay 3 (First Friday of the month)

Repeat as many times as you can today “Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I implore, that I may love Thee more and more”

Think of the immense Love God has for us!Image

Spiritual exercises for Lent

Ash Wednesday image 2012Day 1– Ash Wednesday
“Fast on your worries, feast on your trust in God”

Day 2-Pray with all your heart. Pray your favourite prayer with confidence that your prayer will be answered. Call upon the Most Holy Name of Jesus


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